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Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Be Painful?

A very affective numbing solution will be applied before and during the treatment to keep all client’s as comfortable as possible. Every client will have a different level of pain tolerance, however, most are completely comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. Many clients compare the slight discomfort to that of tweezing or threading your eyebrows. (Some clients have even fallen asleep during the procedure and taken a nap!) You may take Tylenol before your appointment but not aspirin.

What to Expect: During the Treatment

Our may years of micropigmentation experience and continued education in development of the trade helps us in choosing the correct needle size for each client based on the specific skin type.

First, using varying measuring devices and makeup, we begin mapping your new brow design to perfect the ideal symmetry between both eyebrows.

Throughout our years of performing the treatment we select the correct color choice based on individual skin tone. We are able to test color choice against your skin so you can see it before the micropigmentation.

To keep our clients as comfortable as possible during the 1-2 hour appointment is our top priority, so a numbing solution is used and the treatment is extremely interactive in order to keep our client’s nerves at rest. We even allow access to a mirror throughout the entire procedure in order to check in and watch whenever you’d like.

No scabbing will occur during the healing process, so there is no need to hide or take time off work. Clients are sent home with a moisturizing ointment to apply the following 7-10 days.

How Long does the Treatment Take?
Appointments are booked in increments of 1-2 hours. Time for tattooing completion varies on a case by case basis, so please allow time for a thorough consultation and treatment.
What to Expect: After the Treatment
Results and reactions may vary from client to client based on skin type, lifestyle and the immediate long-term aftercare of your new tattoo. Due to the numbing solution used during the treatment that reduces swelling and redness, clients often return to their daily routine/schedule without the fear of redness or puffiness that would get a second glance from strangers. We often have client’s who come on their lunch breaks and return to work after. Once healed (generally about 4 weeks), the color will reduce/fade 30-50%. Patchiness and lightening can be touched up during your follow up session.
How Long Does it Last?
The client’s skin type has the biggest effect on the longevity and general outcome of the treatment. For example: oily skin type hair strokes may heal softer with a powder finish while drier skin types may heal more crisp and defined. The darker the pigment, the longer the treatment will tend to last. Note: In sunny climates, proper UVA/UVB protection will prevent color from fading as quickly.
Do I Need to Touch This Up?
It is common for client’s to require two (2) sessions to have their brows perfected (although clients with fuller brows may not need a touchup).

Four (4) weeks after your initial appointment clients are recommended to book a touch up appointment through the online booking system.

Your brow tattoo can last 1-3 years depending on lifestyle, sun exposure and skin type. Oily skin types tend to fade faster than dry skin types.

To maintain fresh looking results, annual touchups are highly recommended.

Is this Sanitary and Safe?

We use a NEW, SINGLE USE needle for each client. The client will be able to observe the needle being removed from a sterile, pre-packed casing prior to the treatment. Instruments are then placed into a Sharps container and disposed of correctly upon treatment completion.

Artists at Virago Brows and Beauty uses top of the line nano blades. To be the best in the industry, you must use the best tools available. The nano blades are one time use, disposable blades.

Virago Brows and Beauty is a fully licensed, ceritifed, insured, having met and exceeded all requirements for Permanent makeup and tatoo services in Oneida County. Virago Brows and Beauty has also been certified in blood borne pathogens, Infectious Disease Control, CPR, Barbicide, Covid 19 precautions, and is also licensed in NYC, Erie County, and Palm Beach County FL

I am Pregnant! Is this Safe?

It is NOT recommended to participate in permanent cosmetic application treatments while pregnant or nursing. Pregnancy can cause results to be distorted or undesirable due to hormonal changes in the body.

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