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For Lip Blusing!

Wake Up with Beautiful Lips

Days prior to receiving the lip blush tattoo treatment you’ll want to stay hydrated. Exfoliate your lips and keep lips moisturized.

Take a break from vitamin c serums

Take a break from vitamin c serums, retinoids, and glycolic treatments, and chemical peels at least 2 weeks prior to your session and 2 weeks after. Any products that cause skin regeneration are magical of course, but not great for cosmetic tattoos. These serums should not be used on the lips during the healing process and you should avoid direct use to the lip tissue once healed as well.

No caffeine

No caffeine 24 hours, do not drink alcohol or take blood thinning medication 24 hours before appointment. This is actually a MAJOR step in preparing to have your lips tattooed, and also the most ignored. Its crucial to follow this step because these substances can cause much more sensitivity while being tattooed as well as cause you to bleed and bruise while being tattooed, which will directly effect your healed results.

Wait to receive fillers

Please wait 1 month after lip blush to receive fillers. (or 1 month prior) Lip Blush and Lip Filler are actually an amazing combo together. While Lip Filler gives you outward volume, Lip Blush gives you definition, color, and a subtle natural appearing size increase just by making the most of the lip tissue you were born with. The two together are the ultimate lip duo. We do also have many clients who no longer feel the need to receive lip filler after having their lips tattooed. For many clients lack of shape definition is huge and lip blushing solves that problem. Its subtle and natural looking so people look at you and don’t suggest you’ve had anything done but just wonder how you obtained this beautiful natural glow.

Cold sores

If you suffer from cold sores (even just once) you must take an anti viral medication (like Valtrex) 2-3 days before, and 3-5 days after having your lips tattooed. This is huge. If you are someone who already gets cold sores, you have the herpes virus living dormant in your system. This means that injury done to your lip tissue can cause a cold sore outbreak. Lip Blush does not cause cold sores, but the injury to the lip tissue can cause the lips to break into a cluster of sores. This is an important step and will totally keep you from having an outbreak. Anti Virals must be prescribed by your doctor. Tattoo artists cannot prescribe medication, you will have to plan accordingly and obtain this medicine in a timely fashion before your appointment.


Please wait 1 year after using Acutane to receive lip blush tattoo. Acutane causes a lot of dryness to the body, which can lead to patchy healed results. It’s best to wait a year after your body has balanced back out to receive any form of tattooing.


Botox should be done 2 weeks prior to tattoo appointment or 2 weeks after lips are completely healed.

Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments must be done 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after Lip Blush Tattoo.

Prepare for Post-Care Now

Plan ahead. Upon booking your lip tattoo procedure you will be sent pre care, policies, and after care instructions. Make sure you read over instructions carefully. You want to plan ahead and maximize the most of this treatment. Following aftercare instructions are a huge part of what makes lip blush successful, be sure to follow!

Things to Avoid Before a Lip Blushing Procedure

Before your lip blush procedure, you will have to be mindful of your lip condition. Things like overly chapped lips, sores, or irritation can affect the way the ink is implanted. You must take extra special care of your lips on the days leading up to the procedure.
Lip Blush Colors<br />
Lip Bliush Colors<br />

What Goes into Post-Care for Lip Blushing?

Day 1
On the first day, your body will produce lymphatic fluid (a yellow-ish clear fluid), this is what your body produces when it Is healing to form a scab, use sterile water wipes  given to you after the lip blushing process to remove this fluid 1-2 hours after procedure. Allow lips to settle and dry a bit. Then apply a very thin layer of a&d ointment/ Aquaphor/ coconut oil to the lips periodically. I don’t recombined using any other lip balm as some lip balm can contain ingredients that will pull pigment from the freshly tattooed skin. Lips will be sensitive on this day. Avoid food that is too hot/too cold or too spicy/ citrus. Lip will without a doubt have some sort of swelling immediately after the procedure. Each client is different. Some will swell up like balloons while others will leave with hardly any swelling at all. It all depends on your body chemistry. Either way there is absolutely no need to worry about swelling. It’s completely normal, and although it can be intimidating to see at first, it will not last, and it is apart of the healing process.

The first 24 hours
Easily the most awkward part of the procedure as taking a sip of water can be complicated post procedure. Keep in mind that immediately following the procedure your lips may still be a bit numb and can be swollen. You should be careful with eating, and cut your food into small bites. Drinking through a straw is encouraged to avoid contact with the lips from food/ drinks. In general foods that can potentially stain the lips are to be avoided until lips are healed.

The first 48 hours
48 hours after the procedure you will be loving life! This is definitely a great selfie taking day. Lip will still be a little puffy from the procedure. Lips will also be glossy from the moisturizer and the color will still be bright before it begins to peel. Enjoy this stage while it lasts before the peeling beings!

In general, you will want to continue to moisturize with a&d ointment/aquaphor/coconut oil periodically. Don’t overdo the amount of moisturizer you are applying to the lips. A thin layer every time you feel them drying out is plenty. If you glob large amounts on it will actually be bad for your lips. Over moisturizing can lead to lips becoming irritated and possibly forming little bumps on the lips. Swelling will be minimal to none at this point by the second day of your healing process.

Don’t Pick
Lips will become dry and flaky.
 DO NOT pick or exfoliate the lips.

Allow the skin to shed on its own. If you pick the skin as it is trying to shed it will compromise the lip color and its final healed results. Wherever you picked the skin will be missing color. Apply moisturizer and ride it out.

As the old skin will begin to flake off and a soft lip color  tone will be revealed. At this point you will notice the color on the lips looks a bit light and perhaps underdeveloped, especially in the middle area of the top and bottom lips. This is totally normal and you will see the benefits of your fully bloomed lips are the 4-8 week mark.

Pools & Saunas
No pools or saunas during the healing process. Try to avoid getting the lips wet as much as possible following the procedure.

Vitamin C serums
Please take a break from vitamin c serums, retinoids, and glycolic treatments, at least 2 weeks prior to your session and 2 weeks after around the mouth area for best healed results.

Botox should be done 2 weeks prior to tattoo appointment or 2 weeks after lips are completely healed from lip blushing.

Laser treatments
Laser Treatments must be done 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after lip blush, and in general lips should be avoided during any laser treatment moving forward or the laser will remove the color from the lips like tattoo removal can.

Other cosmetics
No cosmetics on the lips for 7 days, once skin is completely healed. Just moisturize!

Sunscreen and SPF
SPF is your BFF! No sun exposure for 7 days, and remember to continue to use SPF to elongate the lifespan of your tattoo when you encounter any sun exposure whatsoever forever! Sun exposure can also create irritation to newly tattooed lips if you are not careful. For the first week of healing you should avoid sitting in the sun all together.

Things to Avoid After a Lip Blushing Procedure
You’ll want to strictly stay away from chemical peels, and other skin rejuvenating products around the mouth area. It will wear your color off prematurely. Immediately following the procedure you will want to avoid foods that will cause sensitivity. Nothing too hot or cold. If lips feel dry apply a thin layer and a and d ointment.

One of the most commonly asked questions we get asked is how long you need to wait to use your lips sexually following the procedure. You must wait a week to involve lips in anything that will cause friction. No kissing for sure. No matter how clean your partner is the fact is that every human being has bacteria, and that bacteria can be transferred to the lips and cause possible infection as well. Better to be safe than sorry! Of course, additional touch ups can be done to fix the damage, but why waste your money? If you are investing in yourself and getting this wonderful procedure that will make you glow, take care of it!

In general, after having lip blushing done you want to stay hydrated. You may drink alcohol or caffeine again but I would limit the amounts you take in. Those substances can cause the body to dry out from within. We all know whatever happens on the inside of your body can reflect on the outside as well. You will want to drink plenty of water as you go through the healing process to keep yourself hydrated. This is an important step to ensuring best results once totally healed.

Hard Workouts
My babes who love the gym will have to hold off on any hard core work outs for at least 4/5 days. I would not begin any workout regimens until the lip skin has fully shed from the healing process. This is because while the tattoo is still new, if your heart rate starts pumping really fast, it can actually pump some ink out. Also during the stages of the lips becoming dry and scabbing, if the scabs become wet with sweat this can lead to premature peeling which will then lead to a loss of color and compromised final healed results.

The final product is always worth it when it comes to lip blushing. It’s truly a life changing procedure that can help improve your daily glow and make you feel like everyday is a trip down the run way. Its the best and most amazing way to enhance your natural lips.

How often does Lip Blushing Need to be Touched Up?
Lips blushing will last for 2- 3 years. Touch ups are to be done 4 weeks to 8 weeks following the procedure. Depending on what type of lip blushing you are receiving you may need to wait a bit longer for your lips ti fully develop into the final stage of tattoo application. The process must be healed completely before moving onto tattooing another session over the top of it. Although lip blush will last for 2-3 years, you will notice as each year goes by your color will look a bit lighter, until your natural lips are restored. Most clients who receive lip blush never want to live without out so we recommend annual refreshes to keep lips on point forever. With annual refresh appointments you are able to keep your tattoo fresh. Lip tissue regenerates very quickly, and the sensitive nature of how the ink is implanted make is semi permanent. The fact the lip blushing is semi permanent is amazing, and this is because no matter how much Botox and filler you receive, the fact is, we age. As the skin ages it changes. With lip blushing we have control over what results look like over timed can make adjustments as your skin begins to change.


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Jessie Harris Bouton

Jessie Harris Bouton

I thought about microblading my eyebrows for over two years, never brave enough to take the plunge as I didn’t feel could trust my face to just anyone. Then I found Alexa…and her attention to detail was impeccable. I couldn’t stop staring at her before and after client pictures dreaming of finally getting mine done. From the moment we chatted about setting up an appointment, she made me feel heard and confident she could be trusted to bring my eyebrow dreams to life. She was so knowledgeable, patient, gentle and meticulous throughout the whole appointment and her salon gave me all the feels with its aesthetics. I’m so happy with the final product and they are so much more than eyebrows…they’re my confidence! Thank you Alexa and Virago Brows and Beauty for sharing your gift with the world.

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Jackie McElroy

Jackie McElroy

I highly recommend Alexa not only was she a perfectionist but made me feel comfortable with every step of the way! My brows look fantastic and I wouldn’t hesitate to come back! If you are thinking about having your brows done by Alexa don’t hesitate, just do it!

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Rachel Magnanti

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Alexa is very thorough and explains each step of the process. Her salon space is clean and beautiful… I enjoy our time together with great music in her comfortable environment. I am very pleased with my results and highly recommend her!

Alexa is amazing! I was so nervous and had never done anything like this before. Totally trust her 100%. It was smooth and easy. Heck, I got to relax for 2 hours in a laying position, what Mom can say that these days??!? If you are thinking about getting brows, just do it ❤️

Stephanie Malagese

I was pretty nervous to get my brows done but Alexa walked me through every single step as we went, she made me feel super comfortable and relaxed! My brows look better than I could of even expected! I am So happy with the results! If you are looking for a brow girl SHE IS YOUR GIRL! can’t wait to try more of her services!

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Alexa is amazing to work with she is such a perfectionist and does such a beautiful job you cannot go wrong with this lady, she's an artist! The salon is clean and absolutely beautiful.

April Ward

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